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The most complete Disinfection service you’ll ever experience
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The most complete Disinfection service you’ll ever experience

Keeping you, your employees and your customers safe has never been more important. As we continue to experience the enduring impacts of COVID-19, we must be extra vigilant in disinfecting our settings. That starts with knowledge. And it continues with a commitment to excellence.

Maintaining a healthy environment in which to live and work doesn’t have to be challenging. We can help. We have the expertise. We have the professionals.

We can disinfect:




Apartment Buildings




Flooring and carpeting


Interior windows





Trust the professionals at Always Clean

We are experiencing unprecedented times, but help is available. From cleaning high-touch surfaces like desks, tables, bathroom sinks and storage, to the proper disposal of waste and sanitizing of commercial spaces, we’ve got you covered. Our professionals are ready to exceed your expectations.


Disinfectant Cleaning Service Key Features

  • At every stage of our cleaning, we thoroughly clean each item to eliminate bacteria and germs that can produce an unsanitary environment and lead to sickness.
  • We always use approved and registered disinfectants, delivering an industrial-strength cleaning experience and the confidence in knowing your setting is safe.
  • No detail is too small. Our trained cleaning technicians will apply disinfectants to the entirety of your home, office, building, church or hotel including upholstery, carpets and high-touch point areas.
At Always Clean we don’t just clean – we keep our clients healthy and happy by disinfecting the most-touched areas. 

Our cleaning professionals are uniquely prepared during this unprecedented time to clean and disinfect your home, office, building, church or hotel.

  •  Specialized service, customized to your needs.
  •  100% environmentally friendly chemicals.
  •  Trustworthy, reliable and timely services.
  •  We supply all cleaning equipment and solutions.

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